Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa

New processing facilities were built at headquarters in 2015 with funding from the African Development Bank-funded SARD-SC project. The IITA Youth Agripreneurs (IYA) are managing the facilities to produce new value-added products from cassava.

Tanzania, East Africa

A training center on cassava processing was completed in January 2016. Facilities included an equipment fabrication workshop, a cassava processing center, and offices. The construction of the building was funded by SARD-SC as part of efforts to support the generation of agricultural technology and innovations and that support efficient dissemination of postharvest cassava processing technologies to farming communities. The machines will speed up the processing of high quality cassava products compared to local technologies.

Bukavu, DR Congo, Central Africa

Funded by SARD-SC, cassava processing and training facilities were commissioned during the inauguration of the Bukavu Science facilities in 2014.