Nigeria, West Africa

Southwest Nigeria

Ibadan: The IITA Headquarters in Ibadan, established in 1967, has about 500 hectares of field research sites allotted for experimental plots, demonstration farms, greenhouses and screenhouses, and research facilities. Some 100 hectares of this rainforest agroecology are irrigated. There is also a 350-hectare secondary forest that serves as a center for biodiversity and research.

Ubiaja: This small farm in Edo State represents a rainforest agroecology and is used mainly for field experiments.

Ikenne: The 50-hectare irrigated Ikenne Station in Ogun State is used primarily for field experiments.

Southeast Nigeria

Onne: The Onne Station in Southeast Nigeria has about 80 hectares, representing a rainforest agroecology. There is a 12-hectare banana farm, 30 hectares reserved for cassava projects, and 8 hectares for a forest conservation farm. IITA is rehabilitating the Onne Station, which was the center of banana improvement work way back in the 1980s, and is building a training and research center there with a new hotel, dormitory, and special training facilities in collaboration with a partner.

North and Central Nigeria

Kubwa, Abuja: The 51-hectare farm in Abuja, established in 1991, boasts of newly renovated facilities that include a soil treatment shed, processing center, and screenhouses. Being strategically located, it is used mainly for demonstration and field experiments. It represents the Southern Guinea Savannah agroecology.

Mokwa: This Southern Guinea Savannah farm in Niger State was established in 1995 and used for field experiments.

Kano Station: The IITA Kano station was established in 1989 on 42 hectares of l and provided by the Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR). There is a farm in Minjibir, located 45 km north of Kano, for field research, and sufficient l and in the Kano premises for offices, laboratories, and screenhouses. The station serves to promote the Institute’s R4D m andate in northern Nigeria and to advance agricultural development in the Sudan savannah region of Africa.

Shika Zaria: Established in 1995, this 30-hectare farm in Kaduna is used mainly for field experiments. It represents the Northern Guinea Savannah agroecology.

Malamaduri: The 12-hectare Malamaduri farm in Jigawa State, established in 1993, represents the Sahel Savannah agroecology. It is mainly used for field experiments.

Tanzania, Eastern Africa

The Eastern Africa hub in Dar es Salaam represents 120 hectares of laboratories and field research facilities.