Banana and plantain crop improvement is crucial to IITA’s research m andate. Our work to fight major banana and plantain pests and diseases is producing impressive results and securing one of the continent’s primary food sources. IITA scientists have introduced high-yielding, disease and pest resistant varieties with durable fruit quality. IITA’s R4D effort in Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) is tasked with creating high-yielding banana hybrids by 2019 that can be multiplied for large-scale distribution.

Ug anda and Tanzania consume as much as 50% of all bananas in Africa, but only yield 9% due to disease and pests. IITA’s genetic research aims to improve resistance and boost banana yields by 30%. Such tools and strategies enhance the capacity of smallholders throughout sub-Saharan Africa to produce enough banana and plantain to meet dem and.